Chicken and Tuna Price Fixing Settlements

State of Washington King County Superior Court

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is this matter about?

The Washington Attorney General’s Office filed lawsuits against major chicken and tuna producers asserting they conspired to increase prices consumers pay for their products. Thanks to these lawsuits, the Washington Attorney General’s Office is returning money to Washington consumers who qualify.

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2. Who is involved?

The Washington Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against chicken producers Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.; Tyson Foods; Perdue Farms, Inc.; Koch Foods Inc.; Peco Foods, Inc.; Mountaire Farms, Inc.; George’s, Inc.; Mar Jac Poultry; Amick Farms, LLC; Fieldale Farms Corp.; Simmons Foods, Inc.; Case Foods, Inc.; O.K. Foods, Inc.; Harrison Poultry, Inc.; Foster Farms, LLC; Sanderson Farms, Inc.; Wayne Farms, LLC; House of Raeford Farms, Inc.; and Norman W. Fries, Inc. (Claxton Poultry Farms, Inc.). It also sued tuna producers Bumble Bee Foods and StarKist Co. The majority of the companies have reached settlements with the Attorney General’s Office, totaling just under $40 million.

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3. When did this take place?

The Attorney General’s lawsuits assert that chicken and tuna producers were manipulating prices as far back as 2008.

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4. Is this claims website operated by the Washington Attorney General’s Office?

The Washington Attorney General’s Office has contracted with a company that specializes in administering settlement distributions called Simpluris. Simpluris, under the direction of the Washington Attorney General, operates this website and will manage the claims process.

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5. Is the claim form or this website available in other languages?

Yes. This website is available in both English and Spanish – please see the language selector at the top of this page to toggle between languages. The claim form will also be available in the most commonly spoken languages in Washington. Translation services are also available for those who call 866-601-1516.

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6. How do I know if I am eligible to receive a payment?

All Washington households that have household incomes at or below 175% of the federal poverty level are eligible. Single-person households are eligible for $50, and multiple-person households are eligible for $120. If you believe you may be eligible and did not already receive a check, please Submit a Claim, or download and fill out a claim form and mail it to us. You can also call 866-601-1516 if you have questions.

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7. How do I calculate my household income?

Generally, you can determine your household income the same way you would when filing your taxes. You can find the IRS definition here.

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8. I did not receive a payment, but I think I am eligible. What do I do?

Enter your information on this site, or download and fill out a claim form and mail it to us. You can also call 866-601-1516 if you have questions.

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9. I submitted my information but was rejected. Why didn’t I qualify?

Those whose household income is above 175% of the poverty level or do not have a Washington address are not eligible. You can call 866-601-1516 if you have questions.

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10. Can I receive my payment in a form other than a check?

No. In order to disperse money in the most efficient way possible and maximize the amount of money paid directly to Washingtonians, the Attorney General’s Office chose to send the payments by check.

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11. How do I request a reissue of my check?

If you require your check to be reissued, please call 866-601-1516 and a live agent will assist you.

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12. I don’t have a bank account. How can I cash my check?

Many retailers — such as grocery stores— and certain banks and credit unions will cash your check for a relatively small fee. Check cashing businesses will, as well. Another option could be signing the check over to a family member or friend with a bank account that you trust, and then they can cash the check for you.

Generally, check cashing businesses must:

  • be licensed,
  • post their fees conspicuously in every location,
  • provide a receipt for each transaction that includes the name of the licensee, the type and amount of the transaction, and the fee or fees charged.

You can verify a business is licensed as a check casher here.

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13. Do I need to hire someone to help me fill out my claim form for a fee?

No. The claim form has been designed to be easy to fill out and only requires basic information. You do not need to pay a third party offering to fill out a form on your behalf or review your claim form. The Claims Administrator, Simpluris, can provide assistance if you have questions about the claim form.

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14. Someone offered to help me fill out the claim form for a fee. Should I do that?

No. Anyone can fill out the claim form for free. You should not pay anything to file a claim. Claims gathered by third parties and submitted on your behalf will be rejected.

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15. Do I need to file a lawsuit to receive this money?

You do not need to file any action with a court to receive money from this settlement fund. All you need to do is Submit a Claim, or download and fill out a claim form. You can also call 866-601-1516 if you have questions.

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16. Who can I contact for more information?

You can call 866-601-1516 if you have questions. Interpreters are available.

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17. How do I know if what I received is legitimate?

Checks will arrive in envelopes with the official seal of the Washington Attorney General's Office. To see an image of what the envelopes look like, click here.

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